Applied Business Initiative (ABi) – is a digital-first full-service marketing communication agency.

Our experience is what hones us, our passion is what drives us, and our creativity is what makes us stand out.

To help our clients keep focused on this complex ever-evolving marketing world, we create campaigns combining Digital, Social, BTL and ATL or in isolation. We design brand identity, perform 360º brand communication. We design brand collaterals, POS & POP materials, signages & displays. We plan and create experiences to drive engagement. We develop websites, apps & games, manage social media channels. We design, produce, and deliver brand content across those channels and beyond, using the best talent and processes combining with technology. The result is a seamless execution of multiple content types across all platforms, channels, and media.

That’s how we apply science of technology into arts of business. Brew brands that becomes lighthouses in the ocean of brands.

Why we are unique?

We focus on a few core principles.


Our data is human-focused and is constantly learning and updating with each interaction. This helps you plan ahead with accurate historical and real data, while ‘making sense’ of what’s happening in viable metrics.


We know that honesty and ethics are vital in building a strong relationship with our clients. Our reports are backed by science and measurable, accepted globally by certified marketing institutions.


Be ensured of an impact from our efforts in the digital arena. Our strategies were meant to cause an influx of effective interaction, prospects, revenue and impression. There will be a ‘Call to Action’ present in every unit of content uploaded.

Tanveer Faruq

Founder, CEO

Tanveer is a passionate Marketing and Media Expert with a strong background in delivering world-class marketing strategies.

He worked on different core areas of businesses ranging from customer service, logistics, supply chain, marketing, communication, traditional media, new media in complex and large corporate settings.

Tanveer pursued Ph. D. in Digital Marketing with a vision to contribute in the field of academia. He also completed Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics from University of British Columbia (Canada) and Digital Analytics Association.

Sajed Haider Chowdhury

Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Sajed is an experienced quality assurance expert in ICT spectrum. He has over fifteen years of proven success in directing strategic framework and product/service delivery both locally and overseas. He is expert in business transformation, change management, and leadership development.

He started his entrepreneurial journey with an extensive experience in Australian Banking and Telecommunication industry in delivering stringent requirements for diverse clients.

Sajed is a robust problem solver with a passion for optimizing performance and maximizing profitability.