Taking Specialized Digital Analytics Courses for Industry Professionals | ABi

About. Applied Business Initiatives (ABi) jointly with Bangladesh Brand Forum offered a certificate course on Digital Analytics that held on Saturdays from 2nd March- 6th April 2019. This program is designed for enthusiastic students and professionals in the field of marketing and IT, including digital marketers, web/marketing analysts, project managers, information architects, systems and business analysts as well as IT, e-commerce, finance, marketing and sales specialists interested in digital analytics.

During this course, participants got hands-on-training on Web Analytics Basics, Advanced Web Analytics, Online Marketing Campaign Measuring & Crafting and implementing an Analytical Business Culture precisely. The course was even more intensified by introducing veteran guest speakers from the industry.

ABi operates with a vision to create a platform where ‘Art of Business Meets Science of Technology’. Primary work of ABi centers on media consultancy, digital media transformation tools and capability development. On 6th April, the course came to an end by handing over the certificates to the participants. The closing ceremony was spangled by the presence of Mr. Shariful Islam, Founder & Managing Director, Bangladesh Brand Forum, Tanveer Faruq, Ph. D, Founder & CEO, Applied Business Initiatives (ABi), Mr. Sajid Mahbub, Head of Business Operation & Executive Editor, Bangladesh Brand Forum and so on. 

The Challenge? The ability to track data and generating effective insights which can be turned into actions is fundamentally one of the major business advantages of working in a digital environment. In order to comprehend the numbers, one needs to systematically track, report, analyze and visualize the data and its impact. This is something our businesses in Bangladesh lack today. A report published by the Daily Star provides an in-depth view on the matter: https://www.thedailystar.net/shout/cover-story/digital-marketing-the-invisible-skills-gap-1600138

Our Solution. Our Digital Analytics course provides solid grounding to measure and manage data to drive sustainable business development. It outlines on crafting and managing a digital analytics ecosystem, optimizing effectiveness of website resources, tracking consumer journey to generate insights and planning for actions which delivers business objectives. The course also focuses on key point indicators to analyze, setting up the reporting tools for productive business decisions within an organization. Four key areas are covered:

1. Assessing effective methods and diagnostic approaches used in digital analytics.

2. Designing and tracking marketing or communication journey from initial entry point to the website to conversion.

3. Determining diverse market response to content, leading to conversion by applying concepts of participation marketing and visitor segmentation.

4. Defining best product or service mix through analyzing click and navigation patterns.

Impact! Till date, 12 professionals have completed the course with exceptional skill development. These graduates come from upper-level senior positions in the banking industry, private giants, iNGOs as well as multinational companies operating in Bangladesh.