Digital Partner for Bangladesh Brand Forum (BFF) | ABi

About. Bangladesh Brand Forum is a multifaceted knowledge sharing organisation which has a monthly print magazine and a blog. They organize multiple of knowledge sharing seminars, workshops and training to enhance corporate learning and application. These events include the Brand Forum Summit, the Communications Summit, as well as the upcoming coveted Digital Summit.

The Challenge? Each of the events of BBF are long-awaited with high expectations of marketing reach and proficiency, for they represent the Communications Industry of Bangladesh itself. They required unique and consistent content to be created on an ad-hoc basis, as well as multiple platforms to be utilized for informational and promotional needs. Moreover, local and international trends were expected to be followed and capitalized upon for effective reach.

Our Support. ABi took up the challenge of creating unique content upon need, with a clear content calendar being introduced for consistent result growth. We activated distinctive omni-channels to assure continuous interaction and anticipation upon the events. To boot, a Social Media War-room was established to respond to every relatable market trend, making BBF a carrier of interesting and trusted media for communications before and after all events.